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Pic of my new replanted VFT

I just wanted to show off my newly replanted VFT!


The second picture looks REALLYdry...
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The second pic looks dry cuz, i accidently put flash on
Nice Dente VFT you got there, WesTrap.
wow thts a dente and I though it was a common oh well I new at this so It dont bother me too much

oh your planmt is'n very red or pinkish u kinow how long have u had it
all 2 traps with red in them are eating there meals at the moment!

And someone tells me there roots will rot now because i replanted and the moss wont drain>?. oh and also Someone tells me that the traps will get much smaller because the plant has to expand its roots. I thought this would help the plant to grow and expand, not decrease it?
Hi Wes

Repotting does not rot the roots. So don't worry about that. Your pot does look a bit big for the flytrap. It will take a lot more water to keep that much soil wet at all times and the saucer below it might not help keep the soil moist as its got a lot of soil between it and the plant. Most of my VFTs are in 3 to 4" plastic pots depending on size of plant. A large pot does not necessarily mean a larger growing plant.

LOL, so basically CPSINC is just stating what he knows.
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I have my VFT's in 6 inch pots, and they seem to love it. They just keep expanding and getting bigger. It does take a lot of water to keep them sufficently moist. I use about 1 gallon a week for 6 VFT's. And I have a bucket outside to catch rain water. But once they are moist they seem to hold it pretty good unless they are outside in 90+ heat all day, but then I just let them sit in a pan of water and they soak up whatever H2O they need. I was also wondering if it is ok to plant a VFT in just sphagnum and nothing else?
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i thought it would be cool to get a big fish tank, fill the bottom with peat moss and fill the whole thing with traps. you'd probably need some way of draining the water, and one of those lights that people use on thier pet lizards and snakes might be useful too...has anyone done this?
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nice looking plant, btw!
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Oh I'm not saying you CAN'T put your plant in a big pot. You can. It just takes a lot more water to keep it as wet as it should be. And if repotting rotted the roots, nobody would have any VFTs because most people at some point repot their plants. I repot all my new plants and they have done fine. Keeping your plant standing in toooo much water will rot the roots.

Dav...you can put your VFTs in a tank like you said. You just have to watch out for stagnation of the water, too much water and not enough air circulation. As for lighting, you can get a 2-foot shop light from a hardware store and use 1 cool white tube and 1 Gro-Lux or Sunstick. That should provide enough light for a small tank. (Other people use different set ups but thats what I use for my other CPs in my soil-less tanks).

I started out with my VFTs in a soil terrarium and they were NOT happy. So I abandoned that idea. Mine are much happier in pots outdoors in the sun which is more natural anyway. But others here do grow VTF in terrariums with success. If you do that, I'd recommend putting some lava rocks or something on the bottom beneath the peat for drainage.

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first of all westrap,root rot i was talking about perlite.you did not include any when you mixed more peat for the new pot.perlite is required so the soil can breath.it is a must have ingredient for cps or sand can be used as well.before you go accusing me of telling you the wrong thing i suggest you get your facts straight before opening your mouth like that which you do often
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Hmm okay, but i thought peat moss allowed the plant to breathe to?
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sadly no,only perlite or sand helps.why do you think pft.com uses peat/perlite to pot there plants in.its the best combo.though some others here may use a different combo's.that is the preferred medium for most cps.

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Wes, there are many different soil mixes...you just have to find what works for you. Every one seems to have their favorite. I do custom mixes for mine.

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nice plants wes!!!

go white sox!!!!
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Jiana you are cool
WHY? Because no, engagement rings are not necessary, why waste your money on a rediculous ring when you could give the gift of a beautiful CP. Oh yea and by the way nice dente you have there wes trap. I have one that is very similiar, about the same size and color, I cannot, however, seem to make the dente produce red traps, like all of my others,but it seems very healthy
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thanks dfalkanger