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Physan 20

I was planning to use schultz fungicide3 this winter but i changed my mind.  So i looked for some cleary 3336 on pft but it looks like they're out of it.  So i went california carnivores and looked and they did not even offer it, but they did have Physan 20 for sale.  I did a search for physan and found several places that sell it.  Here's a description from one website: "Physan 20 is an excellent bactericide, fungicide, virucide and algaecide. It is extremely effective against Crown Rot, Botrytis & is effective in controlling algae, which is the main cause of fungus gnats. Physan 20 is also an effective sanitizer & disinfectant for your tools, pots & potting surfaces. Safe to use with Orchids."  It sounds like a good product and CC offers it so it must be safe for cps.  Has anyone used it before and have you gotten good results??  Thanks.

Yup I use it. Orchids are unafected by it. During dormancy just spray it all over the plant with a pressure or hand pump sprayer. With it fizzes or foams, it is the best form of it as it covers everything and gets in all the nooks and crannies in the pot and crown of the plant. So, say you see some mold on the soil no problem, shake up the sprayer and blast away at it. You don't have to drench the plants with it but it doesn't hurt. Use the dilution of 2 tsp. per gallon of water (it is the recommended dilution for orchids, so it is quite mild.)
Ok thanks nep!!  I'll go buy some right away!!  It seems to be pretty cheap ($9 for a pint) since a pint make about 8 gallons.
Maybe if i spray in on my water trays it will keep algae from growing?

I still wonder how Physan 20 affects CPs. I would guess that Nepenthes would react similar to orchids. Sarracenia are also rather hardy. But, what about Drosera, Byblis, Drosophyllum, Pinguicula, Heliamphora, Utricularia? Anyone have experience with using Physan 20 on these?
Physan 20 is technically a disinfectant since it has broad sanitizing properties. It does a decent job at killing various organisms but don't expect it to give you any long term or preventative protection. It also would not suffice when a systemic mode of action is required since it is contact control only.

I have not tried it on CPS but have used it on orchids in the past. It seemed pretty safe but appeared to me when using as a drench that roots would stop growing. Not sure how it would do on more tender CPS since it's disinfectant properties mean it will kill any living tissue nonselectively. The only thing that protects plants is the wax layer.

I guess I'll give it a try also.. I waited to long to buy Cleary's 3336 wp and now they are sold out..
Yesterday, I sprayed Physan 20 on some VFTs, D. capensis, and Sarracenia in my greenhouse just to see what effect it would have. I anticipated that the capensis would be most sensitive. This morning, none of the plants look dead (yet) and the capensis has dew on tentacles. Some very small capensis seedlings look a bit stressed. Today is sunny and my greenhouse should get up to 85F so by tomorrow the capensis should show ill effects, if any.
It has been 2 warm and sunny days since I sprayed my plants. All look fine and undamaged and the sundews have a normal amount of dew on the tentacles.