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Does anyone have any idea what kind of plants one can find in peru? I may be down there soon..
Mostly the Green kind.
Heliamphora possibly, I'll have to look that up. They live on the top of mountains though, so you might have some trouble.
Definitly no Heliamphora ! (they grow in Venezuela and the border to Brasilia)

I have been in Peru (and some other countries) three years ago but didn't watch out for carnivorous plants.

It is a phantastic country. I would highly recommend the Inka trail (without porters !), Chan Chan, Lake Titicaca, Arequipa, the Amazonas and the Huarascan area.
It is a country where you can spent 3 months hiking and it still will remain interesting.
Many, many, many things to see and friendly people, a nice climate (in the highlands) and a beautiful country overall.

I avoided the 8 million people city Lima and its slums.

have fun

The newly described Drosera peruensis can be found in Peru. Heliamphora is found in Venezuela.
This D.peruensis has apparently only been recorded in 1 location, so, if you are lucky enough to go there, be very careful not to damage the population. Of course, if you are able to collect a small portion of seed (a few flowers worth), I am very interested. This plant should be in cultivation....

Also of interest in Peru is D.chrysolepis, typically known from Brazil.