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.partner/es for buying from an online cp store

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Hi. I hope this is ok to post this message here.
I really want to order from some online CP nurseries that have some plants im intrested in but most have a very high minimum order. Im not cheap but im still 17 and dont have such amounts of money. So i thought i can connect with someone else who wants too to order and togethor we can get to the minimum order. The package would be sent to one of us and he would send the plants the other orderd to him in regular mail. Actually if someone agrees he would do me a big favor and i hope i would do the same for him.
If any one is intrested pleas let me know...


I don't believe this sight requires a minimum amount....Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

That said, we would prefer it if you didn't organize purchases from other nursuries on this forum.
Many of the big producers have distributors in various countries, from which you can purchase smaller numbers of plants. Check out their sites and you should see an area with links to the folks that handle their products.

This site does not have minimums on orders. We would be happy to take a small order from you
If you order from this site you know you'll recieve high qaulity plants and very friendly service. I've made quite a few orders from them and I have always been satisfied.
If you're looking for something that pft doesn't have send me a pm I have a few plants I need to get rid of before winter, but you'll have to adopt the "Tamlin Effect".
If you don't know what that is look for it in the search option on this site.
Aren't we pushing this a bit far? Yes PFT is great, I've ordered from them enough times so that I have one of everything they offer. But what they offer is extremely limited in scope (I'm thinking Nepenthes here). Basically what I'm saying is PFT is perfect for the beginner, but after a couple of purchases it becomes necessary to go elsewhere. Lets not beat the guy up for trying to make a purchase from another nursery, it only takes one response to ask him not to organize the purchase in the open forums.

As for local nurseries, if there are quite a few exotic plants that one desires, it is far cheaper to organize a group and place the order overseas. Import permits are extremely easy to obtain and cost like nothing. Of course if you are only interested in one or two species, go with the locals.

just my 3 3/4 cents
Hi again. Thanks for letting me know. How did i not think of that. Joseph thanks but i fully understand. Its just im tring to make my collection bigger again after a couple of years that i wasnt active. Still during that time my mother continued to water my Cephalotus and cephalotus seedlings wich aventually died becaus one time they got too dry and a Drosera Regia wich grew wonderfully. The same for the Cepha wich eaven flowered this year.

All the best to you all and thanks