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PAID (Wcaphoto $255) Sarracenia Selection

** Now 25 sarracenia divisions!

Up for grabs... 10 to 20 different varieties of sarracenia from my collection. The pic is about a quarter of my sarracenia. I am currently cleaning and dividing and there will be a lot of divisions this year. To start, this auction will be for a selection of 10 different plants....if the auction reaches $100, the selection will increase to 15 plants.... if it reaches $200, it will increase to 20 plants. ,I will cover shipping to the lower 48, Alaska, or Hawaii via a medium to large priority flat rate box. All plants will be trimmed and bareroot....leaving as much new growth as possible to fit the box.

**UPDATE.... Due to this auction breaking $200... I am increasing the number of divisions to 25, and possibly more. Thanks for showing the love to NASC!
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