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**PAID**(Snotty Fox $30) Pot o' Drosera diliatatopetiolaris

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Oct 2, 2009
SF Bay Area, US
Up for auction is this pot of Drosera diliatatopetiolaris, an attractive, very uncommon species of the petiolaris complex. Please keep in mind this is not a beginner plant. Warm temps of 75F-95F will keep this plant happy, but it is unpredictable when it comes to dormancy, which is a major challenge for most growers as the plant has difficulty transitioning out of it, leading to regression and eventually death, if the grower is not in tune with it's needs (infograph in my signature).
+Starting bid at $2
+Plant will arrive to you in barerooted or potted. Entire pot up for bid.
+$7.00 priority shipping bareroot, or $10.00 for potted via Paypal will be paid by the buyer.
+Contiguous US States only please. Heat pack may be provided at $1.00, but please mind your weather.
+Winner to reach out via PM

Thanks and good luck!
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