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PAID (Shannonebol $60) Killer F27 look flava atro -

Sep 30, 2019
Washington State
When Wes Buckner was getting out of the sarracenia game, I got all of his red tubes. Coupled with buying plants from him for years I have quite a few atro selections from Wes. He didn't have location data on everything, and he had quite a few different atros. Here is one that I just have labeled 'Atro Buckner'. For a division taken in Jan, it's already very colorful. Now I have A LOT of atropuprea, and I am pretty confident in stating that this plant is very likely one of the Mike King F27 clones which are Blackwater plants. Which one it is, i'm not sure, but it's a killer atro either way. Divisions of this plant aren't all that common, so hop on this double growth division train. CHOO CHOO RED TUBE!

The division you are getting:

Photos taken the day this was listed. Plant divided and repotted in late January. US shipping only. Bidder will will pay $7 shipping per auction won, but I will combine shipping as best as possible for multiple wins.Plant will be shipped unpotted, wrapped in damp paper towel and shipped in a cardboard tube to protect the pitchers. I will do my best to protect the pitchers for shipping - the rest depends on USPS.

Bidding starts at $10
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