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PAID (Sandy22 $13) US desert fern: Astrolepis cochisensis (or integerrima?)

Feb 9, 2003
almost Hartford
This auction is for a US desert fern from the Astrolepis genus, either an Astrolepis cochisensis or Astrolepis integerrima. It came to me as a little sprig of a plant in a long-ago trade with someone in the SW, either as an intentional bonus plant or as a accidental tag-along. I've seen similar plants growing in the Bisbee, AZ area, including one that seemed surprisingly happy in an intensely sun-scorched rock wall.

I grow it in ~6" pots in a coarse cactus-type mix withe some vermiculite and leaf mulch added to provide better water retention. I've never truly tested the hardiness here in CT, but the plant survives a light frost. I keep them in a sunny window in winter and in a sunny spot outdoors during the warmer seasons.

An interesting thing about this plant is that the leaves will shrivel up and turn brown if it gets too dry, but mature leaves will rejuvenate and turn green when it's watered again. New growth might be lost, but it'll soon sprout more. New growth also is more sensitive to frost and, when I move the plant outdoors in spring, the new growth also is more sensitive to sun.

All in all, it's a fascinating plant. I'll send quite a bit - more than enough to fill a 6" pot or to plant in a rock garden in a warmer area. I will ship the plants bare-root and will pay for shipping by priority mail, US addresses only.

Opening Bid is $5 (shipping included).

I'm happy to answer any questions, but will be out of town the final week of the auction and for a few days after, with very limited internet access at times. I will try to check in to respond to any questions, etc, but can make no guarantees.


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