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(PAID) (Nepenthes0260 $40) Mike King F105 - Apalachicola - Multigrowth Division!

F105 var. rubricorpora, Apalachicola National Forest, FL. WS,(AH). Large pitchers. (WS = Wild Seed, AH = Alan Hindle)

Up for grabs is a multigrowth division of a Mike King clone - MK F105 from Apalachicola

The fact that I have divisions of this clone available means it's one of the faster growing clones from Mike King. If you don't know, importing plants from King generally nets you a small rhizome that takes a year to recover and takes FOREVER to get up to good size. I've been importing for going on 6 years now, so save yourself the trouble and get a multigrowth division directly from me!

Bidding starts at $5. Shipping is $8 and will be combined with other auction winnings

Item has been paid, please arrange shipping
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Plant received in excellent condition. Thank you!