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(PAID) (Nepenthes0260 $40) Leah Wilkerson bog genetics seedling bundle #3

  • Thread starter DKimberl
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Opening bid amount: $5.00

During one of my visits to visit my friend Miss Leah-Ann and her slice of heaven on earth, I was given permission to collect some seeds.

Being late November, few pitchers were present in the bog and most seedpods were spent. I came across a large, wide mouthed/vertical lidded leucophylla that was going strong despite the frigid weather that had put the rest of the bog into it's dormancy slumber. I dubbed it "dockside widemouth".

You are bidding on 1 packet of year old seedlings. There are aproximatly 75 seedlings in each packet. With a little TLC, these can produce some great plants. Mom is a unique leucophylla, dad/dads could be anything growing in the bog. So these could be pure or hybrids.

Either way the genetics are true and unique from the amazing Leah Wilkerson bog in Walton County Florida

The first 5 photos are of mom, the last photo is of the packet the winner will recieve.

Shipping $5.00 paid by winner. If bidding exceeds $50.00 than I'll pay for shipping.

This offer is for United States only. No international sales/shipping.

Please PM me with any questions.


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Item has been paid, please arrange shipping
Plant received in excellent condition. Thank you!