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PAID (BensBeasts $6) Wild Dewberry Vines (Rubus flagellaris)

Up for auction are (at least) 5 big Wild Dewberry Vines (Rubus flagellaris).

Several years ago, I found these growing wild in my beds (and in the abandoned lot next door). I cleared them out of my beds and potted them up! Their fruit is delicious with a sweet and "red wine like" taste that is quite pleasurable. It is different from what you'll find in the store; a wild flavor.

The plant is low growing and has sprawling vines (unlike most blackberries and raspberries that form canes). They have thorns, so wear gloves when dealing with them. In Spring (here in Zone 8b) they produce lovely white flowers that attract pollinators. The berries start out green, turn red, then dark purple when ripe. They don't seem to be picky about soil, but they don't like it soggy, seem to be drought tolerant. They were found (and still are) growing in dappled shade and will form a ground cover if left to their own devices. I'll dig up at least 5 vines from the pictured pot.

These are the largest Dewberry Vines I've ever offered!

thumbnail_IMG_3574.jpg thumbnail_IMG_3575.jpg
Note, there is a cultivated blackberry plant mixed in with the dewberry plants. This will not be included in the auction. Also the pots and fork will not be included in the auction.

Shipping is $9 for the USA.
PM with any questions!
Opening Bid $5
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