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**PAID**(Aim11 $14) Utricularia Sandersonni

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Hi, up for auction is one inch large plug of U. Sandersonni. This is another easy species that spreads out quickly and flowers very often. A very easy species to keep happy. The plug will be shipped in a padded envelope via first class mail. US only please.

The bidding starts at $2 and the winner pays $4 shipping. Winners of multiple items will have shipping combined.

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$12..in the spirit of the season, I love those "bunny ears"
Aim11 has paid for this item. She also paid the shipping fee to NASC. Grey Moss...if you will give me your Paypal email address, I will forward the shipping to you.
Alright. If Aim11 will send me a private message containing their address I will ship out their auction winning tomorrow.
Package shipped out today.
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