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Pacific northwest plants

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Hello All
I am new to growing CP's. I've got a few from petflytrap.com and am looking forward to new things.
Does anyone know of any pitcher plants that are native to the Pacific Northwest? I'm interested in finding one that could be left outdoors year round.
I'm looking around nurseries and in books, but I thought I'd ask here as well.
CPs native to the Pacific Northwest would be D. rotundifolia, D. anglica, P. macroceras, P. vulgaris, U. gibba, U. intermedia, U. macrorhiza, U. minor, U. ochroleuca. The only pitcher plant native to the Pacific Northwest is Darlingtonia, which is found in northern California and southwestern Oregon.

However, if your question is what pitcher plants can be cultivated outdoors in the Pacific Northwest, Sarracenia purpurea grows in the severe winter climate of eastern Canada. Most of the Sarracenia species can be grown outdoors in the relatively mild climate of the coastal Pacific Northwest.

-Bob Ziemer-
im curious, were in the Pacific Northwest do you live, and Bob, do you know where i can go see P.Vulgaris in the wild in Washingon, or any cp? I want to take pics!
finnishkid, I live in western Oregon and I grow all eight species of Sarracenias and venus flytraps outdoors, they do great. Jack
Thanks guys for your replies! I'm interested in both plants that are native and plants that will survive year round here. I'm in Seattle. I've made notes from your advice and I'm going to check into them. Thanks!! I keep finding more and more answers surfing around the net, too. So much to learn....
I live in Washington State, near Tacoma. I grow all the Sarracenia, temperate Drosera, Darlingtonia outside year round. You can grow Venus's Fly Traps out there, however, mine have never done too well. If you have anymore questions about growing them up here, please ask.
I live in Enumclaw, about 45 min. from seattle 30 min. from tacoma, and 10 min. from Auburn and Crystal mountain, i grow my sarracenias, darlingtonia, and temperate, plus cold temperate dews and pings outside
Thank you sarrecinaluver and brisco! The more I read from books, the internet and this discussion forum, the more I'm learning that this shouldn't be difficult.
Thanks also to Bobz for info on what's native. I'm looking into those species as well.
It's nice to see that there are others in the region. Maybe this summer as my collection grows, we could do some trading. Do any of you familiar with the area have any information on where these plants grow. I've been into orchids for many years, and I've been out and about in the mountains to see them growing wild. It would be interesting to find cp's as well. My guess is that the cp's would be all over the Olympic Peninsula. I'm researching that already, we'll see how it goes.
Thanks again to all!
I live in Lynnwood and all my pithcher plants live outside also very happily too if thats any help to ya
I think you would have more of a problem if you tried to keep them indoors than outside here.
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Thanks! I think you're right. As I acquire plants, I think they will find themselves at home on the balcony with the bonsai.