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I'm so excited! My P. villosa seed is sprouting all over the place- almost a 90% germination rate! I collected the seed myself from some wild plants on our property and stratified them for a few months. Now there are tons of baby seedlings everywhere.
I just had to tell someone.. and no one around here cares..
Great job! P.villosais difficult to grow for most people, but I bet the Alaskan climate really helps:)
In the trade section, we should start trading Ping leaves. That way we could all increase our collections quickly.
Leaf cuttings work with well with mexican pings, but many temperate/warm-temperate pings can not be propagated this way.
Thanks, you've saved me some needless experimentation. I guess it's too much to hope that a list of those which can be propagated by leaf cuttings exists?
Almost all the mexican pings can be propagated by cutting(except maybe P.sharpii). Some of the warm-temperate pings from the U.S. like primuliflora produces plantlets. Although primuliflora propagates readily through plantlets, most of the other U.S. warm-temperate sp. do not. P.lutea, planifolia, pumila, ionantha can be propagated by seeds. Temperate/warm-temperate sp. of pings in Europe like P.lusitanica, cystallina, hirtifolia can be propagated by seeds. Most temperate pings produce gemmae in the winter(like pygmy droserae).