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P. primuliflora babies



Hi guys, the P.primuliflora that I've had for a couple months now is beginning to grow little tiny baby plants on the ends of one of its leaves. One is about the size of a pencil eraser and one is just a bit smaller. I figured this might be a good time to start some new plants. My questions are 1) When is a good time to remove the little plants? and 2) How can I safetly remove them from the leaf that they are growing off of?

In my experience, the plantlets do best when allowed to root on thier own while connected to the mother plant. When leaf begins to dry up and die, the plantlets should have a root system of thier own. I recently planted 3 plantlets that had a 1/2 to 1 inch root. I have tried transplanting with a smaller root system, but the plantlets died. So far, the ones with the larger root systems are still doing well.

As far as how to separate them from the parent plant, I do one of two things. If the leaf has already died back, the plantlets can just be plucked out as the leaf has rotted away and breaks easy. If the leaf is not totally gone, I have also used a very sharp knife to cut the plantlet way.
I have been pretty successfull by plucking the whole entire leaf with the plantlets still attached. Then I cut a plastic cup in half and fill it with half vermiculite and helf pertilte and add water to make it moist but not dripping wet. I then put the plucked leaf ontop of of the media and cover it up with a zipplock bag. Then I put it 12 inchs from my growlights.

In my short experience
This has worked well


I'll post a pic but I need to buy batteries first.
Thanks for the info guys! I'm going to let them grow just a little bit more before I do anything. Hopefully then they'll have a better chance at survival once I do remove them.