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P. moranensis flowering oddity

About two weeks ago my <i>P. moranensis</i> began developing a flower scape, and I was very excited because I have not yet seen a Ping in flower. A little under a week ago there was an unexplained explosion of gnats in my room, which my moranensis feasted on like mad. It caught a large number of them, with about 2-4 gnats on every leaf. I was impressed. But over the days that followed, the developing flower stalk started to turn yellow and appear weak, and it seems to have stopped growing, apparently aborted. Of course, I am disappointed.
Does anyone know if there could be some sort of connection between the gnat feast and the aborted flower?
Hey Havron,
The same thing happened with my moranensis. If the plant grows new leaves at a fast rate(very high humidity or lots of nutrients) the flowers tend to be smothered by the leaves. This does not seem to occur with the succulent winter leaves.
Thanks. Should my plany still flower again soon, or is there something I need to do to help it along?
pings are free flowering and will popped up more flowers.
The moranensis should flower all year except during the transition between summer and winter rosette.