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Oxalis blooming in my bicals container

I have a rather large bical (18" across minus tendril & pitchers) and the pot has a huge clump of oxalis growing happily in the very warm/humid terrarium.I think it looks cool so I'd like to leave it because It's now blooming too (the Oxalis). My question is is there any harm in letting this plant grow alongside my Nepenthes?
I shouldn't think the Oxalis will do any harm to such a large and well established plant. However, Oxalis tends to seed itself all over the place and can be a real pesty weed popping up everywhere. If you let it flower, you'll never get rid of it once the tiny seed has spread. It's all over my greenhouse. but I just live with it, it's fairly easy to pick out of CP pots when it's small though.

ah, perhaps I will just let the flowers open then cut off the blooms cos I don't wish to have an infeststaion!

Thanks for the info!