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apple rings.. what more can i say?
Owies... Owies... Owies... I was running through the doorway that leads out to the sunroom to get something. I was in a hurry since something good was on TV. Danged threshold!!! I hit my left big toe, straight-on, reeaaaaallllllly hard on the threshold... OWIES!!! I flopped into a chair and looked at it... no blood... no swelling or black-and-blueishness... no cracked toenail... but dangit it HURTS!!! When I touched the tip or the area directly behind the nail, it hurt like the dickens... I know it's not broke, because I can move it all over the place just fine. This was two days ago. Now everything is the same, except for the fact that it now hurts without doing anything to it, but it really hurts when I put weight on it, ESPECIALLY the tip of the toe. It still has no obvious signs of injury except huge pain. It never even went numb for gawd's sake!!! What, no mercy?! Anyhowpains... I mean, "wees"... I swear, I really DID inherit my clumsiness from my mother. Although she hasn't broken a bone in her life, and I've already broken my hand, given myself three or four scars, sprained my ankle three times, sprained my left pinkie nuckle something fierce (I recall... "Fluffy (dog), get out of the way!!! AAH!! Owies..."), and then this...

Gawd, I broke a major bone in my hand moons ago and it didn't hurt nearly half as much as this!!! ***tells herself to quit being a big baby***

***scurries off and pops in Kenny Chesney concert, and her mind is instantly, COMPLETELY off the pain***

          FTG, a.k.a. "Owies"
I hate it when i stub my toe. I do it all the time and i don't why (maybe it's because i have size 16 feet
). One time i was outside on our brick patio w/o any shoes or socks on and i stubbed my big toe on a cement step leading up to our back door. What really made it hurt was a sliver of mulch that was on the ground in front of the step. As my toe hit the step the pointed end of the mulch went underneath my toenail into my toe. Now that hurt!!!

FTG, I feel your pain! I've been there

Unfortunately I can't blame my mother, or anyone else I am related to for that matter, I am just a clutz. I can't count the number of times I have walked into half open doors, tripped over nothing, stubbed toes (and fingers&#33
on things that were well out of the way. I have perminent dents in my shinbones from collisions, and then there are my three favorite injuries (yes I have three)

There was the time I strained my leg (not just one muscle, the whole leg&#33
while playing badminton. (sp?)

The time I broke my ankle walking down the perfectly flat, empty hallway.

And my all time favorite, I stood up off the couch and broke three of the bones in my foot! I really liked that one, that one took style! David didn't like it... he broke my fall... he says I have really pointy elbows... go figure!

Good luck with the toe.. I hope it gets better.
DOH! That hurts!

I have permanently damaged big toes from too much karate and kickboxing. I can't tell you how many HARD AS HECK elbows I've kicked....xx(

My favorite injury was when I broke my butt. Literally. I smashed my coxish (sp? tail bone, anyway) to smithereens when I was 14.
My buds and I were sledding down this HUGE hill near my house....at 14, to be cool, you have to go off a jump. The higher and farther you go, the cooler you are. Well, I went REALLY high, and REALLY far....and just happened to keep perfect form in the air (sitting in the little plastice tobagan). My tail bone came down HARD right on a rock. How cool am I now?
I had to cary a pillow around school for three weeks 'cause I couldn't sit in the hard chairs...
Owies... embarrassment major dude... that brings to mind a couple weeks ago... ***cringes***... I was sitting at the table... no, wait, I was GOING to sit at the table... and I did the sitting motion and, somehow, the chair got bumped back my my leg and I fell FLAT on my butt on the hard floor... owies... three feet to the hard, oh-so-hard floor... Well, I think I at least bruised the tailbone something fierce... any tensing of any muscle in the lower back area caused pain for the next few days, although it didn't hurt when I sat unless I rolled onto the back of my butt... it got better within a week tho... owies...

Maehem, good lord...

BTW, my toe is doing a little better today. It still hurts when I put weight on it, and it still hurts a little when I put pressure on the area behind the nail, but not as much. I expect it will be a bit better, if not completely better, by tomorrow... ah, the heaven-sent Saturday!
hehe, i walked into so many window doors
! there so hard to notice! the funniest injury happened to one of my friend when he was small. he got bitten by a wild monky that came out of nowhere! lol. hope you get better ftg. Zongyi

I heard some where that the average person breaks 2 toes every year and they don't even know! FTG you may have a hairline break in one of the bones in your toe. I don't think that it will require a doctor though, it should eventually heal on its own
Hope it gets better soon
2 toes every year huh? Well someone out there isn't using their quota and I really wish they would I'm tired of broken toes!!! lol

Good to hear the toe is better FTG!
So sorry, FTG, hope it's feeling better.  BTW, You can break a toe & still be able to move it.  
  But if you went to a doc the most they would do would be to tape it to your next toe.  
  Time is a great healer.  A little ice couldn't hurt, either.
- And, schloaty, it's spelled 'coccyx' & sorry to hear about your injury.  Sounds like you're lucky you can walk!
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I`m always stubing my toes,whacking my head,getting cut,but I learn to get used to it. I hope you feel better ftg.Btw I thought girls were supposed to take pain better than boys?
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We are... and that's why I'm not sitting in a corner whining... I'm sitting in the computer chair whining!!! LOL but seriously, we do take pain better than boys... weeeee... WE RULE!!!

Well, the toe is barely hurting now... how long does it normally take for a very minor, like, hairline break in a toe to heal? Because that might have been what happened... although doesn't something normally go numb when a bone is broke? Because when I broke my hand, I didn't feel a thing at first for an hour or so, but then the pain came on, but I lived with it for four days before deciding to go get it X-rayed, and, oh lookie there, right in the fourth long bone in my right hand (is it carple or metacarple?), a clean snap... funfunfun! I couldn't write for three weeks... CURSE MY RIGHT-HANDEDNESS!!!

Okay.. what got me into rambling about my hand??? I was asking about a broken toe and it led to that... ***shakes head and sits down***
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You think thats bad try getting bit by a copper head on you`r right pinky! Not only does it hurt like....but it also makes your hand swell up to the size and thickness of a soft ball! It still (after two months) is swollen! *kringes and thinks back at the pain even on morphine!*
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I didn't think what happened to my hand was bad AT ALL... sure didn't hurt too much...
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They usually say it's takes a bone 6 weeks to heal enough to be able to safely start using it again. Obviously, if it's a small bone & a minor break, less of a problem. There are all kinds of reasons why your hand would have been numb after breaking it. Depends on where the break was, what the circumstances of the accident were... and it's metacarpals, those are the long bones in your hand. The carpals are the wrist bones.
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</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote </td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">And, schloaty, it's spelled 'coccyx' & sorry to hear about your injury.  Sounds like you're lucky you can walk!
[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>

AHA!  Spelling never was my forte!
 I think one might rather word that "you're much less unlucky that you can walk."  If I was lucky I would have missed the rock!

Oh! I just remembered my other good injury! I think I was 23 or so at the time... I was sparing (for those non-martial artists out there, that means fighting with pads on and not trying to actually kill each other...it's practice) with my instructor, and made a really bad error. I ducked into a kick, instead of under it. I don't think I actually broke my nose, but I came darn near close to it....it gave me two black eyes...I looked like a racoon! Oh, that hurt. On the plus side, I met a nice girl out of it (nice? HA! )....I was out at a bar a few days later, and she said it made me look older & tough. Go figure.
Silver lining, anyway!
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What a great time to have a post like this . A few months ago i sprained my wrist and i had to where a temporary cast for a while . Yesterday i had the most biggest owie i ever had , I was finnishing up late work in my room then when I finished , I went to the living which was dark and i accidently hit my toe really hard on a small steel chair . It hurt so much and I told my mom about it and told her that she should really make a clear walking space so people don't hit or trip themsleves . Anyways , when I turned on the lights my toe was bleeding alot and i had a big bruise on it . I limped to the kitchen in pain and got out band aids , hydrogen peroxide and some cotton balls to clean it and patched up things . Then when I walked out the kitchen I hit my other foot on a metal electric multi plug power chord or whatever they call those things where you can sitck a ton of plugs in for electricity . It hurt so much but not as much as my other injury . It was really late at night and I could'nt sleep until about an hour later because it hurt alot . Next day I took some Tylonel , drank some coffee , then had to walk alllllllllllllll the way to school . In 4th period it was p.e. and we had to run a mile , i was really pissed off and it was 106 degrees outside , it hurted like **** when i ran but at least i got a good time , 7 minutes , 49 seconds . In 5th period we had to get in groups for reading in a group , we had to turn our tables and i did and the person next to me rammed her table againts mines and my finger was between and it hurt alot . when school was over then I had to walk home all over again . When I came home I was happy it was all over but when I opened the door my brother closed it and my other hand was between and i yelled so loud in pain that birds flew off the telephone wires . So thats how much i suffered in these 2 days
, i wonder why it had to be this day as i usually don't get hurt this much .
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MY GAWD! Dude... all four appendages whacked up in one day... ouchnessowies... pains...

Lavenderdawn, yeah, it was the fifth metacarpal. I wasn't wondering why the hand was swollen, just why it swelled but this toe didn't. Well, just a kind correction, I don't think it necesarrily takes six weeks for a break to heal... it only took three weeks for my hand to heal. My toe still hurts like before... but only when I put full weight on it, at a particular angle. I can walk flat now, but when I put alot of weight on the tip of the toe, it still hurts... stupid threshold...
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your guy's feet actually hurt when you stub them? LOL
You guys need to be barefoot for a while... I walk around barefoot all day, just to build up the callusk! I got so much now that if i step on a toothpick, and it goes im half an inch (which happened to me once! ) It doesn't bleed, nor does it hurt!

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Just were steel toed shoes/boots that will solve your problems.