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I am having a bit of trouble decoding the whole watering table for some cps. I know this will sound weird to most, but the vfts I have are turning brown to black and dying off. I have consulted The Savage Garden, on watering, (Peter D'amato mentions keeping an inch of water in the tray constantly, but then says to keep a lower water table for them) but every time I do, the cps I have go south on me. My sarrancias, droseas, butterworts, and nepenthes, are all doing well. My biggest concern is my Red Dragon who is also showing signs of browning. I have them all on restricted watering, allowing them to dry a bit if you will. I have heard that root rot is often the culprit. I am wondering how long it will take for the vfts to recover from this, in that case, any cp. All the vfts are throwing up new growth, although it is considerably smaller than what was once there. I have the vfts in partial sun right now in n. va (instead of in my terrarium under artificial light) in hopes of helping them on their way to recovery. Anyone that can throw some help my way would be appreciated. thanks.