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Outstanding cp display

I finally got these pics back and thought I would share. This is the Hampshire Carnivorous Plant display at this years Chelsea Flower Show in London this past May. I just stood and drooled over this display. Enjoy!

I don't see it...
Let's try it this way then!

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WHOA!!!!!! That's just... WOW!!! It's so neat looking and organized, and I LOVE how they layered that tallest group of pitchers! It's beautfiful! The purp looks kinda like mine...
That is truly an amazing display, sarras, neps, heliamphora... wow. Very nice.
They look so neat grouped together like that. =D Very neat and organized =D.
Good aren't they

I went to the Tatton Park Show back in July where there were three exhibitors, all with great stands like the photo.
***** DROOLING****** , i wish my cps looked like that and its really great how they arranged the plants .
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Look at those flavas! Aren't they are gorgeous.

That is an awsome display. I wish all my plants looked like that. Something to aspire to I reckon.

Thanks for sharing that!
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note the heliamphora flowers at the right side , the byblis giantea's flowers in the middle , the mysterious nepenthes that looks like spathulata and the left side bottom , how big were the flavav pitchers and the n. x ventrata . that is an extremely breath taking pic .
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Holy Cow!! That is a nice set up of cps. Everything seems to flow. Thanks for sharing the picture.

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Its breath taking. Nice photo too. The beauty of these plants is amazing.
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That is outstanding! How on earth did they get their sars so healthy? They're just spectacular! They must trim of the pitchers each dormancy period....They're so clean and neat around the bottom.
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It's... so... beautiful... It almost brings a tear to your eye