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Oh joyious of days, I have read that Ostracods, a relative of my beloved Triops are good to keep with aquatic bladderwarts!  Now I must ask, how does one ubtain these ultomit arthropods?  I have long searched for them because they are just plain nifty, now I want them even more

Note: Triops are not clam-shrimp but closely related and one spiecies of Triops is thought to be the oldest unchanged spiecies (from all kingdoms) on earth.
1) Get a jar of pond water

2) Get a microscope

3) Get some Pasture pipettes

4) Look at the water under the microscope

5) Find the critter

6) Aspirate it into the pipette

7) transfer critter to Utric tank

8) Goto step 4 (repeat until done.)
They don't live in my state.  Maybe I can find an on-line dealer.... or, does anyone have some extra sand from a nice clean tank of them?