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Organic way to get rid of aphids?

My d. capensis was bought with a colony of aphids, which I picked off with tweezers. Since I take it outdoors on weekends for extra sun, I've acquired more of the buggers.

Is there an organic way to get rid of them? I've heard about drowing them and the plant for three days in a bucket of water, but really....that probably isn't good. I've also heard of garlic or soap in sprayed on the plant, but I'm sure soap is bad for a CP and I assume that garlic is very acidic.

Any hints besides the tweezer method would be appreciated!
i had a bunch also. All i did was hold the pot upside down and heavy mist the wholle plant, even if that means its no longer dewy. Keep at it for about 2 weeks (it will wash off adults and eggs). Good luck-Zach PS" soap and garlic..bad idea!
Thanks for the advice, Zach!

Ideally I'd try using ladybugs, but there's been a shortage of them this year in my area, my entire backyard is infested with aphids!

As of last night I haven't seen any more evidence of the monsters, so maybe I got them all this time.
Actually the 3 days under water isn't harmful to the plant so it is a viable option.

I have heard of 10% rubbing alcohol solution on a Q-tip being used to get at them. I'd worry a little about the alcohol though.

As for ladybugs, I think the plant would probably catch them before it made any successful attack against the aphids.

I trided the ladybugs it worked for a little but like Pyro said my VFT ate all of them and I mean all like 1500 ladybugs there were 1 to 3 ladybugs in each trap thay are all still closed do you know if thay are bad for them and will they reopen
it seems the only bug that might work for pitcher plants of all sorts, sorry i dont think any will work for the active trapped cp's, are mantids. I luv them and dont want to see any die, but it might work. Only problem is that you get about 100+ nymphs out of one egg case!
My d. aliciae has an infestation of aphids, unfortunatly they have all gathered in the centre of the rosette and are hiding on the underneath of the leaves
I have picked off the adult ones with tweezers, but there is too many little ones (and eggs as well! ).

I have separated it from the rest of my plants and I saw no aphids on the other plants.

Unfortunately I am going away for a week tomorrow, does anyone have any advice that would rid my plant of these aphids ASAP? (i.e. some sort of CP friendly insecticide)

Any replies greatly appreciated!
what I do to get rid of aphids is to use a adult praying mantis. There favorite meals are aphids, but they can be hard to find. They shouldn't hurt the trap, and they shouldnt get caught. Als o its fun to watch them eat the aphids.

hope this helps,
www.insectlore.com sells mantises and ladybugs,mantises worked great when i tried 'em out, not a single blood suck'in fly are a aphids!
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Malathion 50% Wettable Powder - Might kill Drosera adelae and burmanii though...

Sevin 50% Wettable Powder or Liquid preperation - Dilute like it says on the label

I'm sure there are more, but if you spray that crap outta the middle of your aliciae, it should take care of it...