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Orchid suggestions for living wall

Nov 18, 2015
I have about 30 square feet of wall space that I'd like to transform into a vertical terrarium/orchidarium of sorts. I'd like to focus on epiphytes, especially orchids, when I plan my plants. I've looked at hundreds of orchids online, and I just end up wanting them all. So maybe you guys can help me narrow it down by telling me what your favorite mounted orchids are, and why? Thanks in advance!



BS Bulldozer
Apr 11, 2013
Before you start selecting orchids just because they're pretty, figure out what your actual conditions in regards to light, temperature, and most importantly water are going to be. You can achieve a large light gradient that will allow you to keep orchids with widely different light requirements, and normal room temps suit a wide variety of orchids. But all of the plants are going to be subject to the same watering regimen, so it behooves you to nail down what that regimen will be before making your selections. For example, my Dendrobium loddigesii forms a lovely mat of canes and leaves pretty quickly, but if it gets watered and fertilized year round it won't bloom. Haraella odorata would love a constant flow of moisture through the substrate, but Schoenorchis fragrans will rot in short order with the same regimen. Do you have a particular plant in mind? If so, figure out what it needs, provide it, and choose companions partly for their liking the same conditions.
May 1, 2014
If you can do humidity, vanilla works because of how long they get. If not, try dendrobiums.


carnivorous plants of the world -- unite!
Nov 17, 2011
Also decide what size range you want and can provide for. Orchids run the gamut from plants that are under an inch tall at maturity to plants well over six feet tall to viners like vanilla that easily get to 25ft to who knows how long. Then there is the "footprint" to consider with some plants under an inch wide and others several feet across. Add to that some plants have a nice tight growth habit while others are ramblers.