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As part of a quest to simplify my life, here's my late summer orchid clearance.  I'm primarily interested in trading for intermediate-highland Nep species.  Not hybrids.  But I'll consider other offers too.  By the way, I'd like to ship to as few addresses as possible, so preference will go to big trades.

Photos and short descriptions of all these species can be found at Jay Pfahl's http://orchidspecies.com/.  If you want more info about any, feel free to ask.

Anacheilium cochleatum (used to be Encyclia cochleata, cockleshell orchid) - large seedlings deflasked last year
Barkeria spectabilis - small plant on small piece of tree fern
Broughtonia sanguinea v. aurea - previously bloomed, on tree fern placque, unusual yellow variety of this species
Cattleya aurantiaca - previously bloomed
Epidendrum longicaule - blooming now, in tree fern pot
Euchile mariae (used to be Encyclia mariaea) - near blooming size on tree fern placque
Gongora atropurpurea - near blooming size
Laelia lucasiana - small plant mounted on small piece of tree fern
Mastigion putidum (used to be Bulbophyllum or Cirrhopetalum fascinator) - division of small plant
Ornithophora radicans - previously bloomed
Paphiopedilum insigne - near blooming size
Scaphyglottis graminifolia (used to be Cladobium violaceum) - previously bloomed
I wish I had some trade stock!!!  You have some plants there I wouldnt mind having.  Best grab them folks.  I have also been threatened to slack of on getting things for postage for a while too.  It adds up  LOL  I wish I could help you out.  Folks if your looking for an easy plant to grow with medium to low light conditions that Gongora should be for you.  I have bloomed my tricolor in as little light as light most people give to The vining philidendroms.  And gave it as much light as come of my Cattleya I have grown.  No full sun the leaves are to delicate.  There is also species you don't normaly see on a big market GH Productions unless your specificly looking for them too.  Someone is going to come out with some nic plants.

I wasn't aware they changed the Encyclia cochleata to Anacheilium cochleatum.  Hell I have to go change my two tags sooner or later.  I have the reg and the Alba  LOL  neither have bloomed yet.
Hmmm. I'll trade a smallish N. faizaliana for something. I don't know orchids very well so I'd take anything that's easy to grow and cool from your list. (Maybe that Gongora?)

Gongoras are really cool, Anacheilium cochleatum is neat, i have a soft spot for Cattleyas. ive traded orchids with him before. Bruce's plants arent really babied so they will be fairly well adapted to average house hold conditions within reason(mounted generally need misting/watering more often ofcourse). nothing on the list stands out as a must have for my personal collection, thank god, im trying to get rid of plants not increase the collection
Caps you will like the gongora. The synonyme for that plant is quinquenervous. Bruce is your Gongora atropurpurea the solid red color like pictured in the orchid encyclopedia? If so Caps after you have had it and its big enough fo split off 2 or 3 backbulbs can I get a piece from you? I also know someone else who is looking for the red form like in the picture. I didnt realize that gongora was the one I was interested in before. I am on plant restriction at the moment so caps can get it if he still wants it. I just got dibs on the first devision. LOL remember caps you shouldn't split an orchid unless each devision has 2 prefurabley 3 Pbulbs. I have had 2 single bulb devisions of my tricolor grow wonderfuly and one even bloomed the next year like normal. Even though it should have been setback a year because of a single pbulb devision. Anyhow there is a link to that species. Also look up the synenym too because not all are solid red. I'm curious to know if Bruces will be solid or if it will look more like the quin.

Unfortunately, it hasn't bloomed yet, so I don't know that it'll be a solid red. The person who sent me some deflasked seedlings a few years ago was hoping for a strong red color from the flask, but I don't remember if he knew the parent plants.
You got it, Josh! Provided of course that herenorthere wants to trade. We don't want to get ahead of ourselves! If he accepts, I'll throw in a bonus N. ventricosa (red x green) seedling I grew from seeds from srduggins. It's about an inch and a half accross.

Don't take my lack of a response as a lack of interest.  N. faizaliana is a plant I'll consider because I don't have one.  But it isn't at the top of my wishlist and I want to see what other offers might be made.  It's too dark outside for counting pseudobulbs, but the plant has quite a few and won't miss a few bulbs.
Sounds good, Bruce, no hurry.

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I hate to compete for the same plant but maybe you can split it and get two smallish Neps in return. I have a well-rooted N. insignis cutting with 2"-3" pitchers. I also have bonus N. ventricosa seedlings, (imagine that). I could also trade a cutting from the female N. ventricosa as soon as she finishes with her current crop, which should be very soon and/or some fresh hybrid seed. I also have a N. tobaica 'Dark Red' cutting or a very nice N. maxima x fusca cutting available:
N. maxusca
I really should post a new pic of it. The latest upper pitchers are big, dark purple and beautiful. I'll post new pics of all trade items soon.

I also have Drosera 'Marston Dragon', D. multifida extrema, Sarracenia 'Dixie Lace', S. 'Dana's Delight' and many non-CP plants:
trade list

I might be interested in the others, but don't really know much about them.