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opinions on greendragons

what do you think about greendragons?
Green Dragons are nice. Must deeper green than the common form. The ones I have are doing well. Growing new traps and greening up everyday. I bought 10 plugs from PFT just under a month ago. Most have 3-4 new leaves.

I have been thinking about crossing one with a dente just to see what I can get. Probably a bunch of commons

Next are Red Dragons.
Did you mean to say much deeper red? They are intermediate between the green normal VFT and red Red Dragon, so they have red traps and leaves apart from a green nectar line below the teeth.
Well, I must say that all I can tell is they are deeper green than the commons. The pictures of Green Dragons that I have seen are a deeper green and not so red. However, I will say I have a hard time telling if something has more red or green in it at times. I am somewhat red/green and blue/purple color blind (sigh). Makes things appear different to me.

The Green Dragon traps are much darker in the center than commons. I might put it a deep purplish green. When my wife gets home, I will have her look at them.

I think that they are pretty cool even though I never grew one.
My green dragon tends to spread its traps sideways rather than vertically, so it ends up capturing the least flying insects when lined up together with my dente and red dragon. Basically, most insects land on the erect traps and get caught before they can get down to the green dragon's low traps.

Is this a common charateristic for green dragons?
Sorry, you are right to say they are greener.
What kind of light are they getting? Mine are extremely red.
Here's a photo (sorry, it's been done with a scanner)

Right now they are in a north window with artificial lighting. I have 3 on my back porch that are darker green than the ones I have indoors. I will be moving these to the back porch next weekend. I want a couple of days where I can be home to check on them.

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nice plants ppl. if grown in a terrarium, how close should they be to the lights?
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Sometimes I get confused as to which are my greens and which are my reds... they have a lot of red when they get sufficient light.
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My plants are totally red, growing in full sun. They are beautiful plants and very robust. As to the distance from the lights, I grow all my indoor VFT @ 4 inches from (2) 40 watt flourescent tubes with good color and growth. Remember to reduce the photoperiod periodically to simulate natural daylength.
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My Green Dragon is actaully quite deep red. I almost thought it was a red dragon at first. I must say, it does get quite a bit of sun. However, since it's on the north side of the house, that is starting to change. Maybe the newer leaves will have less red. Nice plant. Catches lots of bugs.
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We've been having a debate (I won't say a mass one
) on the CPUK forum and a few people have said their Red and Green Dragons are identical. In full sun my Green Dragon always has a green nectar rim as you can see on the two traps in the photo, yet my Red turns totally red.
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Alvin, I bought Red Dragons and Green Dragons earlier this summer from PFT. I can definitely tell the difference between them. The Green Dragons are larger than the Reds even though I got the Reds a week or so earlier than the Greens. And while the Green Dragons have a lot of red in them compared to a typical, they aren't as deep a red as the Red Dragons and there are green areas on the leaves.
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My green dragons have developed nicely under 2 x 96 watt power compact bulbs in a wooden hood over an indoor terrarium. The lights are about 10 inches above the plants, and run for a 16 hour photo period. Here is what my green dragons look like (about two and a half months after I got them from PFT):

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2 96watt bulbs? may i ask how much your light bill has gone up with using them. also thats what i have thought about doing is using compact bulbs but i dont know, and one more thing, when you say compact, i hope you mean compact flourescent lights.
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Impressive traps Devin...
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Yes, I'm using two 96 watt power compact fluorescents. These are the kind of lights used for aquariums--often for coral. I built them into a custom wooden hood for my tank. I got the lights and reflectors from AH Supply (they sell kits for building light hoods). Anyway, they are VERY bright! My electric bill has gone up about 10 bucks per month.