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Ontario cp club?

I have noticed that we have quite a few cp growers in Ontario. I was thinking has any one ever thought of starting an Ontario Cp club?

There is a Canadian club running out of Quebec, however their newsletter and website are only in French.  They have meetings but again only in Quebec.

Would it not be great to have a local club? One that had local activities, promoted the protection and cultivation of Cp’s in Ontario?  

I am still a newbie to cp’s my self (I have only been growing for a year) but I thought perhaps I could get the ball rolling, send out a feeler and see if their was the interest in an Ontario club? If so any suggestions? And is their any one with more experience or horticultural knowledge who would want to chair such a club?  

Let me know what are you thoughts,

This is a good idea...

I was thinking about this and mentioned it to Zhongyi a couple of weeks back when we met. I don't have much time to organize something like this but would love to participate, join, and support.

Count me in!!!

i would love to participate!
i guess the first step is for you guys to somehow make a web site, i believe thats how most of the clubs start out. Zongyi
I looked for such a club when I got interested in CPs and was surprised Ontario didn't have one. I'm definitely in, and if I didn't have other things on my plate at the moment I would offer to help in some way... might be able to do something after Christmas if you needed volunteers for anything.

If someone got the ball rolling that would be great. Even a modest website and a newsletter of some kind would be a start, eh? I'd love it if a CP club got started around here.

Good idea Andre...
I am currently talking to some people and organizations, I have a couple of exciting proposals currently on the table. At the moment things are still in the initial phases so I would rather not post any details until I have some thing concrete to report. Hopefully I will be able to post a update here and on my website by January.
would have replied earlier, but have been swamped! I belive we've chatted about this idea before. and As you know, I will support it in anyway possible, I can help web page wise, or with the newsletter, ect. I'm willing to put forth an effort. let me know what developes (e-mail may be better as i can't always promise I'll see the posts