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One time Dew...

Why is it that once the dew is gone off one of my rotundifolia leaves, it never comes back? I dnt know the humidity, but its in a coverd tank, with water in the bottom, with other plants...
There are other reasons for lack of dew on your Round Leaf Sundew's leaves (thought i would use the common name: we don't want to forget them!). It is hard to assess which might be the one affecting your plant without seeing it, but my first guess (since I know it just finished flowering) is the plant is in a brief rest after expending the energy to set it's seed. If this is the case, allow it to rest. Don't feed it, give it good light but try not to stress it by trying to give it full sun. Be careful about too high a humidity as well, the species needs air circulation. It is a sensitive time and the plant is more prone to fungal infections now. In habitat the plant flowers here arounf the 4th of July, and after setting seeds quickly heads towards dormancy. Hibernacula are well formed by late August, and the plant is essentially dormant.

Other factors affecting dew production are:

1) low light levels. I do not know your conditions so I can't say one way or the other. Droserae in general are light lovers.

2) Excessive heat, especially to the roots: in bog habitat the plants may heat up internally to as high as 100F, but the roots are always cooled by the substrate moss: basically they grow hydroponically the cool water about their roots. If the roots are kept too warm there is a danger of rot, which will certainly affect the plant until new roots can be produced.

3) Fungal infeections can cause lack of dew. In this case the leaf usually turns red, and appears wilted. The tentacles may all be bent inwards.

As long as the plant appears to have active growth from the center, and the leaves and traps are emerging, I suggest you just leave it be. This is not necessarily a sign of poor culture.
Thansk Tamlin, the flowers havent even opened yet... They are "ripening" though... They look like a diamond, in it's metal little cage... There is green, with the white (I think the lower ones look pinkish... not sure what colour its SUPPOSED To be, with the green around the edges, and four spikes ont he corners, its pretty...