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ok, new U. Livida question


Staff member
Now that my U. Livida is flowering quite profusely (spelling? stupid english language), and getting frequented by these cute little green bees, how long to seeds? How do I know if they are ripe?
Thanks! And by the way, if I mange to harvest these correctly, there will be some available for trade (will post there when appropriate).
I don't know exact times but I would guess at a few weeks. Watch the seed pod and when it gets dark it is ripe. If you plan on getting the seeds to others you will need to do it fast as they are really short lived
I've never had seed on U. livida. Of course, I've never tried pollinating it either.
Likewise. You will know if pollination has occurred if you see the seed capsule form: they are like little balls on the scapes. Although I wish you luck, try not to get your hopes too high as I believe these species have fairly specific pollinators.
Specific polinators? Does that mean the bee I saw enjoying the flowers couln't have politated them? Or is it just unlikely?

I thought that anyone visiting a flower could carry the pollen....