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Oh yeah... haloween stories! wha ha ha!

Aug 20, 2004
so... in the spirit of haloween, it would be interesting to see what kinds of creepy/nasty/scary/weird facts or stories you know.
I'll start of with the tale of the zombe ants!!  >;-D
first of all, there are lancet fluke eggs on plants. The unaware snail eats them and the fluke's larva hatches inside the snail! Then the snail excretes the larva by surrounding it with mucus and excreting the mucus. Now some unsuspecting ants get attracted by the snail's mucus, which has some pheremones that attracts them, and the ants eat it. The larva then develop more and hijack the poor ant's brain! thus making a zombee ant. The fluke makes the ants go to the top of grass and hang on with their mandibles. Grazing animals then eat the plants with the ants hanging on them with the fluke's larva inside them. The larva then goes to the liver and the grazing animal now has liver flukes! the flukes lay eggs which the grazing animal excretes, and the cycle starts all over!
how creepy... yet... amazing!