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Oh the carnage

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Oh the carnage,
oh the woe,
for the byblis
has some flies in tow!


Oh the happiness,
oh the total bliss,
to observe in my room,
such a well fed byblis

You're a poet
And don't know it.
You're feet are big.
They're Longfellows.
But, they smell like Dickens
gorgeous byblis man! Do you have any extra seed lying around
Very nice photo. Everytime someone posts a pict of a plant I do not have, I seem to go out and find one. I just added this one to my list
Wow! How do such "delicate" leaves catch such realatively large flies? They must be super sticky!

Yeah, how do such delicate leaves catch such big prey. Mine can barely handle aphids!
Hi All,

the plants aren't very large, so neither are the flies. However, I do find that Byblis do tend to have a stronger "glue" than do many drosera. The plants are about 3 inches, the flies mostly largish fruit flies.

I believe I am out of Byblis seeds at the moment but will let you know if and when these seed out, as they usually do so in great quantity.

Oh the sadness,
oh the strife,
for the Byblis
has hit the lights!



As for seeds-
I have some in tow
that can be liberated
from the refrigerator’s throes.

With apologies,
Hey Forbes,
Welcome to the forum. Are you the Forbes from the LACPS?
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        You said you had seeds that could be liberated from the refridgerator, maybe I could gets ome? (I once tried to germanate byblis liniflora seeds,no succes, the seed are still lying in a seed tray after 6 months.
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Hi Larry,

Yeah, I'm the Forbes from the LACPS. I'll bring this plant to the next meeting if I didn't break its stem while shoving it back under the lights.


I've found Byblis to prefer temperatures above 75o for germination. They really get a kick out of the heated petiolaris terrarium (this one hasn’t been there, though).

If you'd like to trade seeds, please send me a PM.