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I rolled my buds (which MAY have not been ready when I cut, but I think they were...) between my fingers, and nothing fell out, but crumbles of the bud/shell... Well, almost nothing. A single black thing fell out of each. They are the size of a cephalotus seed, they are the texture, and the hardness of a s. flava seed, but LOOK like a D. binata seed! They are too big to be seeds IMO... The seeds that Tamlin send me were TINY and hairlike almost... If there is another drosera that I should reasearch and perhaps rename mine too, do tell! This is weird... What is it? The "seeds" are hard, so they are not anything that is rotten... Help please?
This happens on my D.Rotundifolia's!
Some of the ovaries didn.t produce any seed, so instead of swelling and splitting when ripe, the ovary remains its original size and dries out. When you roll the bud between your fingers, the sepals fall away and you are left with a solid very hard black ball.
The seeds of D. Rotundifolia are very unique, they are a greyish colour and are long and very thin.
yep that is normal Parasuco. Rotundifolias out in the wild around me almost always have one of those black pods when I help them set seed.
You could have some, try to crakc open the pod with a pair of tweezers perhaps.