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'nother sundew flower question.

Dec 8, 2001
Oswego, New York, U.S.A.
Drosera species flower in sequence from the lowest bud to the highest, typically one per day. The next bud to flower becomes erect and upright on the scape, prior to anthesis.. If more than a day has passed and the bud is erect, it has likely to have flowered. Some other characteristics are in the way the sepals clasp the seedpod. In D. dielsiana there is a noticable "wick" sticking out of the seed pod: the remains of the flower protrude as they are longer than the sepals. In D. spatulata, these sepals remain outwardly reflexed, giving a star like effect. Other clues include a change in the petal color. In most tropical species seed will be produced even without a visably open flower. Bright light and high humidity increase the odds of seeeing an open flower.