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not pitchering

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i bough my pitcher plant from gubler for a long time and it haven't produce any average size pitcher yet. The leaf is about 4" long and the pitcher is not even an 1". The biggest pitcher is about 2 cm and it do not have any liquid in it. Can any body give a tip to help my plant pitcher?? Thanks
Welcome to the forums. First off where is it grown? I'm assuming that it's not getting enough humidity since you don't even have any liquid in the pitchers, it's maybe evaporated. But not sure unless we could have some info on how and where it is grown.
I have a Gubler's nep, and so does Cephalotus88 (i think thats the number after his name), JOIN THE CLUB! Hehehe...

Mine only had a single ugly little 2cm pitcher when i bought it... Are they round bottom with a skinny neck, and the lid is hardly off? Well, my newest pitcher wich isnt open yet, but is already outgrowing the otherone looks different, so dont fret...

Mine started out like yours, maybe worse, but now its growing a new leaf (opend up, and flat) every 3-4 weeks, and they are alwayts long than the last, no kidding!

All I do for mine is fill the bottom of an aquarium up with water, tap is fine... make a little stand in there for your plant so that the water isnt even close (just not touching) the water... Place the plant on top of this stand, and close the lid. Place it in a sunny window, and behold, you should see results in however long it takes a new leaf to open. I dont think that any of the tendrils you have now will pitcher, as i have one left, but i'm not giving up, it might... Water it like this: first, water it over a sink, pur water through, and wait for it to stop dripping. Put it into the terrarium you made, and just water it when it looks thirsty, but never let it sit in ANY amount of water... In this humid environment i only ever water mine about one every two weeks, tho it changes just kuz sometimes i feel like watering it... Just do it when you think it needs it, but remember, wet, not waterlogged!
Well, it was grown in a pot not in a aquarium. I put it on top of my computer where there is a light because i like to look at it when i do my work. Last time it have a leaf with a tendrils and put it the sun for two hours everyday and it stop at the where it is not open(verey tiny).
One more thing, do any of the member know the name of the nepenthese?
Well, for one thing, I really think that it should stay in the tank... I've had mine for about two monthes, and about four leaves have opened... i say leave it in there... You say it was a gublers. Did it have that card in the back of the pot that had instructions on it? Well, if its called "Nepenthes hybrid" then NOONE knows what species it is... Its a mix of alot of stuff i think... even te owner of the companay doest know...
hitenryu, your problem is no doubt humidity. Until you get a tank you can put the pot in a plastic bag until it gets larger.

"Well, if its called "Nepenthes hybrid" then NOONE knows what species it is..."

It's not a species it's an unknown hybrid! But you never know, maybe it's a new species yet to be identified!

"tap is fine... "
MOST PEOPLE's TAP WATER IS NOT FINE! Use distilled water for now. I rarely ever find anyone who uses tap on there plants. I'd recommend not to risk for now. Find out some info on your water if you really want to use it.
Wow, what a good name for it, huh. I alway use distill water for it and it is alway most.

is there any other way to make it pitcher in a pot??
three main reasons for Nepenthes growt without pitchers
1.humidity- low humidity and your plants would had any or only few very small ones.
2.light- if it stand in a place with low light conditions no pitchers.
3.fertilize- there are many species that wouldn't grow pitchers when you use fertilize on them.
There's another way to do what parasuco described. You get a shallow tray fill it up to the rim with pebbles you've washed. You then ad distilled water to the tray make sure the plant isn't standing in water and it should have enough humidity.
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i don't about those who have gubbler nep., but mine seem like almost forever to have leaf. Is this usual for gubbler nep. or it is just mine? Any way to speed it up and make it strong?
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Mine did nothing for about two weeks, then it was off the the races. It was been in a terrarium ever since.

Tristan, What percen humidity does a tray with pebbles create around a plant?
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No offence to Tristan. The humidity tray thing doesn't do much. Whatever humidity evaporates off the pebbles quickly dissipates into the surrounding air. One thing that will help however is to use a tray with very high sides.. ie a terrarium without a cover. That will at least hold the moisture a bit more.

What's interesting is that alot of people say how Nepenthes must be in big pots (ie bigger than the diameter of the plant). I suspect that this thought has sprouted up because a plant in a low humidity environment will do better as the evaporation off the potting medium will create a small micro climate or moist air around the plant.
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I would also like to caution the saying "tap water is fine".

Please, everyone, remember your tap water is not our tap water, everyones is different. Your tap water may be fine, but if you told that to a newbie living in San Antonio Texas, you just sentenced his plant to death.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let's be more careful with this. Not all tap water is pumped equally.
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The humidity tray thing desn't work. Crap that stinks becuase I'm using this method on my N. Ventrata ever since the plant came.
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eplants02 - I was able to make a humidity tray that works well (for my sundew anyway). I've got a black plastic nacho container (Frito scoops with cheese and beef) with high sides. It's 3" high and I hold a 3" pot and a 4". I fill the bottom or the container with water, just enough to almost touch the top of the watering tray that's attached to the pot. That way the pot isn't sitting in water, but is getting humidity as well. Over the course of the day the black plastic help the water evaporate, and it goes up before going out. On colder days I put a plastic lid on top to keep the humidity up. I don't know how large your N. Ventrata is, this only works for smaller pots. Otherwise, I'd advise a terrarium.