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No dew on sundew

tuyen thi

Every time I by a sundew at a local retailer the dews driy out when I bring it home , please help me
its the sudden change in humidity. Keep the sundew (waht cspecies is it?) in a humid place similar to that of the rtailer. knowing the species will help me help you too. good luck-Zach
Well my sundew has a bud could that be the problem of no dew .
Like Ceph88 said, its humidity... Put a dome over it...
Hi Tuyen thi

A little more information would help. Do you know what type of sundew it is? How are you watering it...are you keeping it wet? Are you growing it covered or uncovered? Sundews like high humidity. You can keep it covered with a clear plastic cup or dome or put it in a terrarium or a tank. Once its in the conditions it likes, it will dew up in a few days usually.

I only have one sundew and it is a cape sundew (Drosera Capensis) , I keep the soil damp , I keep it uncovered because the humifier is very powerful , and the plant does'nt seem to be catching bugs since I got it .
That's because it can't catch bugs without any dew silly!
When I mean it has'nt been catching bugs since I got it , I mean when the first two days I had it , it had dew and there were a ton of flies in the backyard .
Large flies may be too big for smaller sized cape sundews to catch. The leaves may not have a strong enough "glue" to catch the house flies when the plant is outdoors in low humidity. The "glue" on the leaves may have evaporated during the day.
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Also, imagine all the other tantalizing things in your backyard that the flies may have wanted to alight upon... The sundew was not the only thing that was pretty or nice smelling... ^_^
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Tuyen, strong winds will also dry up your dew.  And we've been having gusty winds here in socal for a couple of weeks