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New Way to Grow VFT!

You may not believe this, but I live in Houston, Texas and I managed to grow a VFT in the ground!! I know you're thinking, "But it's not the right soil!", but here is what I did.:

I dug a whole about six inches in circumference and 4 inches deep.

Then, to seperate the soil, I put a layer of newspaper in the soil.

I added a peat and perlite mixture on top of the newspaper and then added distilled water.

The next day, I added the plant!

It's been there for about a month now and it's doing excellent! It's showing waaay more progress than my potted ones. (Probably because it gets rain water.)

Well, there ya go! You should try it for an experiment one day!
That method will work, but it won't be long before the newspaper rots completely and the normal soil will leech in. I strongly recommend you use something solid, like a bowl set in the ground.