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hey just wanted to say i'm new on here. i havent actually owned any CP's since i was about 12 or so (i'm 20 now) but i have a sort of re-newed interest in 'em as a hobby. i have been thinkin about getting some bulbs from the site but i was also wondering if anyone had any giant breeds on here for sale.if so could you post up some pics and prices?


yeah i saw where you cant actually sell plants on the board, but i just didnt really know where else to find what i'm lookin for w/o askin.maybe you could point me in the right direction for some "giant" varieties?thanks for your help and its nice to see there are still some boards on the internet that will help a newbie! i'm really into cars(been workin on lowriders for years) and every car board i'm on is nothin but flamin' and hatin' for the new guy!!!
Dec 2, 2002
Arcata, California

Be a little more specific about what you are looking for. Like "giant" varieties of what? Since you are posting this in the VFT section, I assume you are referring to VFTs.

Take a look at my VFT photo links page at
By rummaging through the links, you will probably find those web sites where folks are growing the plants you are looking for. At least it will give you a starting point.

Also, you will probably find that this CP discussion group very seldom engages in flamin' and hatin'.