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new sundew


Hi there

I just got a spathulata from here and it has a flower stalk on it. I have no idea if I should snip it like a vft or let it do its thing?
I haven't read anything yet about snipping them but then again i havent read anything even talking about the flowers. Oh and how do I go about getting seed from it?
Leaving the flower on will not hurt. I do it all the time.

Neat little pinkish flowers.

I haven't tried for seed but I don't think that it would be too hard.

I think that this is a Noah question ( he is the Sundew guy )

Drosera spatulata seed germinates extremly easy (like Drosera capensis)

The plant is self-fertile, so you must only wait until the seed pod turns brown.
Seed is very tiny

All right Martin here is where I can ask you a question that has been bugging me a long time. DOES THE seed PODS OR BUDS HAVE TO OPEN FIRST THEN CLOSE? OR DO YOU JUST WAIT TILL THE WHOLE STRUCTURE BROWNS THEN SOW THE SEED WHITOUT THE PODS EVEN OPENING?
When ripe the pod splits and releases its seed. If your Sundew is healthy the the seeds will not have any prblem germinating either! Next summer you could find 1000's (no joke) of seedlings cropping up in all your CP pots! if you want to controll where the seed goes, I remove all my Drosera flower stalks off the plant when the last flower has opened. I then lay these on a sheet of paper in a dry room until the ripe seed starts to fall onto it. Usually after a few days. Simply put it in a small clip bag and store it in your fridge until you are ready to use it.
ok I have another question on this I have heard that the plants can bloom pretty fast and the flowers will be toast in some cases an hour or two. Is that true? oh and after it does bloom does anyone know how long it takes after it blooms till the seed pod splits. I know it is hard to be exact but I wanted to somehow get the seeds and plant them somewhere else.
I know, I know I am being difficult
I've put off asking then it hit me maybe, just maybe somebody does have the answer. Oh and if that somebody has those answers, could ya kindly tell me how to collect seeds while I am not there? Some body here has had to have done that before....I would imagine

Well I have just noticed in my new redone terrarium (check it out at "New Setup" in general dissucions) 1 of my D.Spathulata's is sending up a flower stalk 1 day after replanting! Of course I did give it some Superthrive so maby that did it and i took lots of soil out with it. But anyways how much light will I need to get seed on it? Also ALL help is appreciated on this Drosera's seeding cycle and how to obtain it. I know this didn't answer your question Clown but I am just as dumbfounded as you :confused: .
I grow and flower most of my Drosera under (2) 40 watt
balanced spectrum flourescents, wiith the plants @ 4 inches from the bulbs. Flowering for spatulata is at intervals throughout the year, but is more prolific during the warmer months. Flowers open in high humidity, but do not need to fully open to produce seed. Generally I harvest seed approx. 3 weeks after the last flower has opened, but older flowers that have turned brown (or brownish) may be individually harvested. Remember to always label your seed as soon as it is harvested, this will avoid confusion as to ID.
Re: collecting seed when you are not there: The seed should remain in the pods (pretty much) if the scape is not disturbed. The lower (oldest pods) will split first, and then continue sequentially up the scape. You should have a lot of time to collect the seed. To prevent the seed from falling into other pots a clear plastic cup can be placed over the pot. It's Ok if the scape is bent a little, the seed will still set. This way if seed does escape it will fall into the same pot as the plant is in, and the seedlings can be pricked out and set into their own pot when there are 2-3 true leaves.
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A note regarding the spelling of "spatulata": The rules of taxonomic nomenclature state that the person who provides the first valid description of a species determines the name of this species, and that name must always after be used for the plant (even if he mis-spelled it!). In the case of spatulata vs. spatHulata, both names are acceptable latin descriptors, referring to the shape of the lamina (leaf). However, in this case, the original author chose the spelling spatulata (without the H), and this is the only spelling that is correct. SpatHulata is what taxonomists call an "orthogenic" error, and by convention is automaticaly to be corrected when it occurs. In the case of Nepenthes spatHulata, the author chose the spelling with the H, and so this by nomenclatural convention becomes the correct spelling for this species.