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New shoots

Well, my N. Ventricosa has been doing great. It's now kicking out new pitures at a regular rate (fineshed one, moves on to the next as that one starts to open). Anyhow, is their anything I can to to get it to make new shoots? It only has the one growing point now and I'd sort of like it to grow less up and more bushy. I assume I shouldn't prune untill it has at least one more point. Is their another way to encurage it to branch out?
Well, if you prune it, it will eventually form new growth points, usually more than one.
No promises.

I trimmed my N. Ventricosa and its forming two basal growth. Plus there's growth below the cut was made.
So long as your plant is currently healthy and in a good growing environment you shouldn't need to fear making a cutting/taking a pruning. Neps are not really all that touchy as people say or as they imagine.

This last time that I made cuttings the cuttings had only 3" of vine and 2 leaves trimmed back to 1/4 their normal size (basicaly the cuttings looked like a "Y" shape) and from their dormant node between the two leaves came whole new plants.

As far as your parent plant being able to survive the pruning, as long as it's got plenty of leaves and a healthy root system it shouldn't be a problem. There is a dormant node (growing point) about 1/2 to 1 cm above each leaf where it adjoins the stem. It looks kind of like a pimple or bellybutton depending upon the species. The one closest to the top of the plant will start to grow when you remove the growing tip. Sometimes the top two or three nodes will begin to grow. This can make a plant top heavy so you might have to get some bamboo plant stakes to help suppport it (unless you have it in a hanging basket).

hope this helped some!
Oh yes, very much so, thanks so much. I think for now I'll let it grow a bit longer, it is a cutting it'self and not that old. (Strait from the local Botanical Gardens plant actually, lol) But later in the summer (when I have time to hunt down soil ingredients) I'll know what to do