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New question?



I have started doing the VTF thing about two months ago.  I had bought one of each from Petflytrap, and they seems to be doing well (excpt for the Red Dragon, but is starting to grow 2 new traps).   The question I have to start off is this:

I keep the plants in my windowsill in my basement, uncovered/no lid.  after the time change this weekend, the plants will receive about 8-9 hours of direct sun between 1pm- 8pm.  I have put up a screen that confines the 4 plants in about a 10-12 in width.  Reason for this, is to keep my cat from trying to eat them.  I noticed yesterday when I came home from work, and went to water them, the temp was a little over 90 degrees, but when I removed the screen, in about 5 minutes, the temp dropped back below 80.  

Apparently the sunlight coming thru the window is heating up this little space from the reflection from the screen.  I live about 5 hours north from where the vtf's grow in the wild, and the outside temp today is like 50-54.  I am wondering when July/Aug rolls around when the outside temps are high 80's to mid 90's, if that would put the inside temp probably over 100, and was wondering if that was too hot, hurt the plant. etc.

I have basically followed the care info provided with the plants (ie enough light, water etc)  but haven't run across this.

Thanks, and sorry so long.  Be easy on me, I'm new at this!

Ok Dave, I'll take a shot at this,but I'm sure some of the experts will chime in too. I'd still classify myself as a Newbie to CP's but common sense works real well.

First off, I would suggest that once the weather warms up you should find a spot outside for your little buddy. It will definitely enjoy it far more than a window ledge inside.

But if you must keep it inside, it should be able to take the heat as long as you keep the tray filled with water. Sounds like it gets good direct sun which it will like. Does that window open? If so the plant will get fresh air and like the window ledge just fine. I won't worry too much about it, I just wouldn't keep a lid on it sitting in direct light will fry it for sure then.

Well, like I said, I'm sure you'll get some other answers soon. Good luck. Linda ö¿ö
i would move the plants outside when summer comes.