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New nepenthes robcantleyi X nepenthes veitchii help

Hey everyone. I just bought a n.robcantleyi X n.veitchii. It's in great condition and in the month I've had it I haven't seen any shock/change for the worse. I am a bit obsessive when it comes to getting as close to perfect conditions as I can, so I was curious if anyone had any specific to this plant help or tips. It gets at least a 15-20f drop in temp at night and it stays in high humidity. If you grow this or are just really smart let me know. Thanks in advance, you guys are awesome.
How much and what kind of light does it get?

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It's sunlight in my greenhouse. It gets full sun in the early morning but around noon when the sun is overhead it is under my shade screen that blocks about 40 % of the sunlight. At about four it gets a little more direct sun.

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My greenhouse has a lot of air movement and the humidity stays high
I only ask because il make any changes I need to. I've just read that they love high light but I've also read they like medium light. I've heard hiland and intermidiate. Just didn't know if anyone grew this or had an insight. It seems happy, I just want it to stay that way
It doesn't sound like lighting or other factors are an issue. This cross will probably turn out to prefer intermediate conditions, with a tendency toward highland but possibly also tolerating cool lowland conditions.
Awesome. I can do that. Thanks a lot for responding. Like I said before it looks good and hasn't really changed other than some growth. I just want to keep if that way. Thanks