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New Nepenthes owner...


I think I may have trouble growing this but couldnt resist buying it, my VFT has thirved so I thought id try it.

Any tips from the experts - considering im in the UK?


Looks like a very young N.Ampullaria to me. I have a very young Amp and the pitchers and leaves are the same. COuld be something else though. That's my guess on it's parentage.

Growing it is easy. Keep moist and in room temperature. Water with distilled or rain water. And keep in bright or filtered light. Don't stress or worry about feeding until the pitchers increase in size.
hmmmm Going on a limb here! N. truncata x
? veitchii

Culture should be fairly easy. Keep it moist with bright light. Intermediate temps 65/85 night/day. 60-70% humidity range should be fine.

The little tag with the plant says 'Nepenthes hybride' which means a lot
That's the problem with finding neps at greenhouses and nursuries who don't specialize in growing them. I have 4 nepenthes from greenhouses & nurseries that I have no clue what they are exactly, everyones given me advice on their possible lineage but plants sold as just "hybrid" can be anything! Nursery workers generally have no idea what to do with them care wise or even what genus of plant it is (unless they look at the tag) much less the species. One garden Center by me thinks that you should keep the pitchers full of water and drop in bits of hamburger... (you should not) !

To me yours does look like it has some truncata parentage in it but it will be a while before the pitchers start to show their adult shape and coloration.
I agree with Tony, it looks like a veitchii hybrid to me (comparing it to one that I have).

I am way off once again becasue guess what...........YES your absoulty right! I only looked at the pitchers once again! You guys need to remind me to look at the leaves and NOT the pitchers.
Here in Europe there are so complex hybrids around in gardencenters, you won't be able to guess the parents. Try contacting the nursery which produced the plant - they are the only ones who may help, but propably also can't...