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New N raff...

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Got my plant today... absolutely beautiful!!

nice Raff. you got that what kind is it. it looks diff. then the one i have.
i have the same one dyflam from PFT, let me know how its growth development is, i'd like to compare it to mine
they are prolly the same size, i do have 3 new pitchers and leaves forming since i got it
the raf looks different probably because the sun coming through it, and maybe because your lighting conditions have changed yours, or his...

Mine came with nice green pitchers, and after a few weeks in my tank (the corner closest to the sun) it has become heavily mottled with red... just like the more mature one I have.
I also got a N raff from phil and jeff, but that was back in February. It went through he11 a few weeks ago (the whole bird thing) but thankfully it was just a "flesh wound."






Sorry for the big files everyone, but I'm learning to use photoshop, and I'm having trouble making small jpegs.


what version of photoshop are you using?

In 6 and later (maybe earlier, not sure) instead of using save, use save for web, it will give you a choice of up to 9 different formats, all out on the screen, you can adjust size, density, color level and all that jazz to get your pics just right!

hope that helps...
The 7 inch pitcher on my giant rafflesiana just started opening yesturday( first one since I got it). It has lots of realy dark red spots, and is pretty big. I can't wait til it get large enough to feed it...... bigger things
</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (mindmaze128 @ Oct. 12 2002,01:10)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">I also got a N raff from phil and jeff, but that was back in February. It went through he11 a few weeks ago (the whole bird thing) but thankfully it was just a "flesh wound."


Sorry for the big files everyone, but I'm learning to use photoshop, and I'm having trouble making small jpegs.

Jœl[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
how do you get pitchers so big and colorful? did you get that from petflytrap? and when did you take pic 1 and pic2? and was that nep.rafflesenia typical?thanks
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About how fast does it grow( leaves/pitchers per month)?
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Ive just ordered one. Hope mine is as nice as yours!
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@ Spectabilis

I got this N rafflesiana 'typical' from Pft. The before pic was taken shortly after I recieved it and the after pic was taken on october 11. The plant likes warm temps, and I think that a little direct sunlight seem to give the pitchers that maroon coloration.

@ nathaniel

I've had that raff since mid-February, so i've had it now for roughly 9 months. I'm not really sure how many leaves the plant makes per month, but it has 10 leaves at the moment, so given that something like 6 leaves have died since I got it, I think the average should be around 2 leaves per month, give or take a leaf. This particular plant has pitchered on evey leaf for me, so the pithcers per months should be at 2 as well. The plant only has one pitcher on it though thanks to a little bird that decide to snack on it.

@ Rampuppy

I'm using photoshop 7, I haven't seen that choice yet on photoshop, but then again I had to reformat my computer, so I don't have too much experience with that program yet. I think that I Just have the picture at too high a resolution though (1152 x 864 pixels), so I'll try to bring it down the next time I format a picture. I'll look for that command once I have everything back to normal. Thanks for the advice.

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Joel if you take your image size of 1152 x 864 pixels and reduce the pixel size to like 400 x 250 the image will retain it's resolution/detail and not use as much space.
Don't change your DPI/resolution as then you will simply have a huge file with a bad image quality, hope that helps some!

Nice plant too!
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I think that's it swords! I'll try changing the image size and the resolution. Thanks for the advice (and the complement too

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well.. you could do that to...

without going into photoshop to confirm, I believe the path to that command is IMAGE > Resize Image
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Oh, and this is my raff as of a few months ago...  it's bigger now.



To the left is Ventricosa X Maxima, behind it is N. Homus Depoitcus.

All the pothos and purple jew has since been stripped out of the tank... the green patches you see are both D. Spathulata and the live Sphagnum that has since formed mats over much of the tank.

there are some baby sars I had started in there, and a large purp that is now outside... all in all, the tank looks NOTHING like what it used to... but it's still a pretty pic.
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Wonderful terrarium Ram! I love the naturalist approach to terrariums (that's how my planted fish aquariums look) but when I try a nonaquatic environment I always end up with a horrible sulfur smell after a year or so. I've tried using pure peat, peat/sand, peat/sand/pearlite with a bottom layer of gravel, almost a whole bale of pure wisconsin sphagnum and false bottom... I am never able to keep the tank from eventually fouling, usually in summer. How is your soil doing? Do you change it often or?
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Mindmaze, I also got my raff from Phil and Jaie. It currently looks like your first pic, nice and green. Over time, will the pitchers get more red like your subsequent pics? Is the red due to light, age or both?
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swords, borrow a page from your early aquarium days... charcoal!

I lined the bottom of the tank with orchidbark, which contained a lot of high'grade charcoal...

however! I will say the tank is just now approaching a year, the soil is nice and green with live sphagnum on the top, but later this month, I am thinking of re-doing the entire terrarium...
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The red coloration comes naturally, it just takes a while.. in my case 9 months.
If you give it lots of light though the color on the pitchers should be darker, or at least that's my experience with other neps.