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New masdevallia

I picked up this cute little Masedvallia hybrid last time I was at Orchids Ltd. While trying to sell my uncle on the idea of letting me building a 3000 sq ft greenhouse in his long since unused horse pasture.

These pics were made with a wide angle lens combined with a macro lens.


The leaves are standard paddle shaped and unimpressive
Sweet plant Josh.

I have to say I admire the fact that you go for unusual stuff and not ony the regular, popular species.

How did your uncle go for the greenhouse idea?

Cheers, Troy.
Ha, the people I work with would say "it's only natural you'd go for the weirdest orchids"

They all think I'm absolutely crazy to spend $50 on a plant currently only the size of a quarter and to devote 1/2 my living space to carnivorous plant terrariums and killifish.

I'm not sure how Russ feels about the greenhouse, my aunt wants it-she was the one who suggested it when we got into the shop. He likes tropical plants (palms mostly) but he was awestruck with the nepenthes growing up the support posts and into the rafters at Orchids Ltd.
He is going to Belize this winter to dive on the reefs so maybe I'll bring it up again nearer to spring-he's all reefed up now and not thinking about much else. I'm sure it all really hinges on my getting the $$ together (or at least enough credit from Visa
)! The worst part is the land is 60 miles away (120 there and back) so it'll take 1/2 a tank full of gas to get there and back each trip.
Sword, kool pic of your new orchid.
good luck w/ your uncle and the g/h but, as anyone knows if a female wants it there is a really good chance it will happen.
Nice pics

What's the cross?
The hybrid is:
Masd. kimballiana xanthia 'Wooly's'
x Masd. decumana #1294

in the last couple days the bloom has turned to purple where it was red in the above photos. I've gotta try and get a pic of this. but perhaps that's just a sign the bloom is fading?
Hey there Swords not to put a damper on things but the greenhouse idea sounds like fun, but you should also keep in mind that its a full time job too. And having to drive 120 miles incase of an emergency isnt what id call fun. There is always something to go wrong and when you need it most not to, it does. Repairs and modification can sometimes seem endless, compiled with regular plant maintenance things can become overwhelming quite fast.
I dont want to seem like a pessimist but then again I am one.
I guess sometimes thats good.


Yep, that's what I thought too. The distance is just too far unless I make a move to Wisconsin (where the land is). If it would become a fulltime job that I can live off of (with mailorder and retail) then that would be ok but I fear moving out there and then no customers! ha!
Yeah besides who the #### wants to live in WI with thier predatory judicial system.