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New invention

  • Thread starter Tim
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I have designed and plan on mass producting a low cost protective suit for beekeepers.

Tim, really, that hurt my eyes.
Now I'm worried. This was next to a freeway, and everyone was staring!
I thought people had hobbies so they wouldn't do things like this?

Is that actually you in the photo?
Yes, it's me. I always want to know what people I speak with on the net look like, so I thought I'd post this picture.

Funny, definately funny, yet it somehow worries me.
Gee Tim.. um.. thanks for sharing
Well, a normal beesuit costs around 75 dollars, and I figure I should be able to sell these for 10 dollars and still make a profit. A two piece design for ladies is also also on the drawing board, and I'm looking for volunteers to model it.
Tim, Oh Tim... *Pats your back*
Don't go out in the rain in that... It's a "White T-Shirt Syndrome" type thing, do you understand?
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Or white boxers. Make sure to model the two piece for us.
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White is a good idea, it would match my socks, but this is to be a "low end" product, and I don't want the price to go up, especially as with large number of killer bees around. The people MUST be able to afford proper protection.

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Don't you have any pictures of your face?
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so, the idea here is if you don't wear any/much clothing the bees cannot get stuck between the clothes and your skin so they are less likely to sting right?
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Here is my youngest daughters face

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And here was me thinking Australia was the only place that has sky of that colour... beautiful.

Good to see you got your box on the right way up.

Cheers, Troy.
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For most my life I've lived near big city's like Los Angelos, and Washington DC. The only time I've ever seen a true blue sky without smog was when I lived in Tuson, Arizona.
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Thanks, Troy, that was a nice complement. We're right in the middle of LA and San Fransisco, and the sky really is this color. Not as nice as South Africa was, but a delight nevertheless.
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I'd offer to model your female version but I shudder to think what the mosquitoes would do to me
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That's the funniest thing I've seen all week

Thanks for sharing it with us all, I for one, need some light entertainment in these troubled times.


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No adnedarn, its just a joke, and a really funny one a that. Hey I hear theres a fashion show, your sure to win! Oh yea, and how come the bees arent trying to sting you?