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New Gubler's Nepenthes

Hey everyone!
I just got a Gubler Nepenthes the other day.
The one I have doesn't have any pitchers yet, but there was one that looked like the exact same hybrid with the same foliage. It had beautiful short and fat light red pitchers with darker red blotches all over. I think it's the one that's assumed to have N. maxima in it? The reason didn't get the one with pitchers was because that plant was only 3" leafspan w/1" pitchers, but the one I chose had a 7" leafspan w/another new growth point starting (the plant had really perfect foliage and was squished in the cup and i felt sorry for it). I figured that it would probably produce pitchers fast anyway, so thats why I got it.

Anyway... I'd like to know if anyone could give me tips on how to care for the little guy. Should I treat it like a highlander or lowlander? I really want to repot it into a larger pot, i've seen an earthworm and a millapede or centapede (can't tell the difference) crawl out of the pot. What mix should I use? How is the growth rate? I usually don't feel nervous when growing a new plant, but for some reason I feel nervous (and grossed out by the creatures coming from it
) about killing this plant.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Sorry I can't post a photo! My computer cannot detect the digital camera, so i'd need to borrow a computer to be able to upload the photo's. I already tried replacing the USB ports but it doesn't work.
Intermediate temps would probably be fine. 65-70 during the night 80-85 during the day.

Sounds like repotting would be good if it is in a small pot. 7" plant I would go with a 4-6" pot roughly. Lots of things you can use for potting mix. Peat/perlite 1:1 you could add some chopped sphagnum to that and/or some fine bark chips. You could use pure sphagnum as well. As long as it is fairly well drained but yet holds moisture. It should work fine.
I've got two of the gublers hybrids and they seem to be very easy plants.  I've never seen one as big as yours at my home depot.  You lucked out.  My temps lately have been 70 during the day and 80 at night. (I have them switched though so that they get light at night and dark during the day.)  Does yours look like this?
I also have a Gubler's unknown hybrid nepenthes. I keep it inside a greenhouse terrarium growing in long-fibered sphagnum moss.

For the past 6 months, each new pitcher has grown smaller then the previous one. I have never feed it. It gets 100% humidity and I use the tray method for watering. The plant gets about 3-4 hours direct sunlight daily.

So...what am I doing wrong? It grows very slow and recently, the new pitchers are maintaining about the same size, but it's still small. How do I get it to grow bigger

Hmm Waycool.. how much light does it get when it is not getting sunlight?? Small pitchers are generally caused by poor humidity (should not be the case with the information you gave) or not enough light.

You should probably try feeding it something if you can. Nepenthes respond very well to the occasional snack.

I will also add that I am a bit concerned that it might be getting too much water. Most Nepenthes don't want to have constantly soggy roots. You mention you water with the tray method. Is the plant sitting in water most of the time??


The terrarium is on a north facing window sill getting bright in-direct sunlight w/ direct sunlight only during the morning and sunset.

Initially, I would remove excess water from the tray, but about a month ago I decided to leave the excess water (about 1/8 to 1/4 inch) thinking more water may help it grow better.

Because I don't know if Gubler's hybrid nepenthes are lowland or highland type, I don't know how much direct sunlight to give it. Should I give it direct sunlight all day?

Sorry Shauntell if I'm taking over your post. Hopefully my questions are helping you with your concerns


Has anyone been able to ID what type of hybrid Gubler's nepenthes is?

Just curious
Gublers has produced several different hybrids. Unfortunately they don't know themselves what each one is. In any case intermediate conditions would probably be a good starting point.

Is the terrarium getting supplimental lighting? A North facing window is not enough light if your relying on just the sun. Most Nepenthes can take quite a bit of light once acclimated. I wouldn't go with full sun all day though. I have a xVentrata and a khasiana on my West windowsill that get full sun from early afternoon till sunset. I have also grown truncata, rafflesiana and a few others on an East window where they got full sun from sunrise till almost noon.

I would also suggest you don't keep it sitting in water. Especially in a terrarium where the humidity is high and transpiration through the plant is low.

Thanks! I don't think I can do much about the light condition, but will follow your other recommendations. I have read postings about feeding diluted milk to nepenthes...so I think I'll also try that.

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A word of advice, I would go with the diluted milk but be EXTREMELY careful, make sure that it drops into the digestive acids and not on the pticher wall, otherwise it will become sour and rot your picher wal out where it splahed onto. I also suggest using an eyedropper while you are administering the milk to the desired pitchers to prevent accidental contact with pitcher walls.
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hey... just to let you guys know...

I am successfully growing a gublers nepenthes out in my living room... I forget to water it sometimes, but it still loves me and puts out nice pitchers...

it also grows well in lowlands terrariums... where I have another with 4 inch pitchers and multiple nodes...

so, put it wherever you want pretty much! :L)