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New Fly Traps and Heat

I ordered a couple fly traps from the Fly Trap Store and they’re gorgeous. My problem is we are having a heat wave at the moment. Temps above 100 everyday and hitting 110 this weekend. Should I keep them indoors till the heat wave subsides? Outside in the shade be better? I’d hate to kill these plants before they get a chance

I have a few flytraps in a large pot between my two greenhouses this year with temps well above 100 daily (were hitting 115 daily for a while) and they did fine as long as I kept the media wet. I think the large pot helped keep the temps at the roots/rhizome down, and being between the greenhouses they only received direct sun for a few hours from over head. If you think you can manage to keep the media wet, and pots coolish, I would have them outside. But smaller pots with an ambiant temp that high could still soak into the pot in heat the media. I'm afraid you'll need to make a judgment call! If going indoors make sure they're getting some really strong light, and if they're inside for too long, make sure to acclimate them to the sun when going back out.
Thanks for the advice. I have them outside for now.I’ve been keeping their medium moist. I keep them in the sun during the morning. Around noon I put them in a shadier area. Then at night I put them back in the area where it gets sunny again in the morning. I hope this acclimates them better