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New babies!


It's been one of dem days
Got some D. anglica CA X HI seeds from larry and planted them a few weeks ago.  Thought I saw little sprouts a week ago, but they were so small I couldn't be sure.  Soon I too will have my own Carpet Of Death

Ooooh yeah, I can hardly wait!!  *mwa ha ha ha ha*

Thanks again larry
This is a beautiful hybrid species created by Ivan Snyder who has brought many fertile hybrids into being and cultivation. The best part is the plant requires no dormancy! Established plants like live sphagnum, and prefer sub-aquatic conditions, similar to intermedia. The plants flower and self seed in approx. 8 months. Good work!
Thanks for that info Tamlin, I was going to grow them similarly to my D. capensis which is sitting in a tray with ¼" of water in it and an old glass coffee carafe (minus the handle and hardware) over it. But it sounds like they like it wetter than that.
They do when they are established, 2 to 3 inches high. Until then I am sure your conditions are fine. I really like this plant, it is so graceful when it gets large. Ivan says to get large plants, feed the juvenille plants a lot. I am going to experiment this winter to see if the plants will go dormant: one side of the hybrid cross is the temperate anglica from California, so it should make an interesting experiment.
Hey BigCarnivourKid,
Hope it goes well! I keep my big plants outside in full blazing california sun, and its turned a beautiful red. It keeps on sending up flower stalks, so I decided to let it flower one last time this year.
Larry, some of my seeds germinated also. Thanks a bunch!