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Never let a novice touch your ping


I really should have known better...but I'm a sucker for people who express interest in CP's.  Soooo, I let this butter-fingered person [orchid-lover] check out my pings.  I was bragging about the fruit fly massacre that occurs whenever I purchase organic bananas, but I digress.

Anyhow, this guy homes in on my favorite P. moranesis clone.  Picks it up to inspect it more closely, then DROPS IT!!!  It lands flat on its pretty little face and comes loose from the soil.

I am so P. O'd

Is my plant going to be O.K.?
Has this happened to anyone else?
Should I wring this guys neck, or better yet unleash a plague of whitefly among his beloved orchids?

Any help would be appreciated
I think it should be ok, unless massive root loss, or the growth pint was broken. I dropped my P. Primuliflora, it fell out, ect. and its doing great. I would pot it up, and it should be fine, maybe give it a little rooting hormone. Hope it helps,
i once dropped my p. moranensis and primuliflora but they were intact so they were ok but what i'd do with that guy his shove peat down the guys throat
I had a batch of moranensis pulled from there pot by some unknown critter, 2 weeks later I found one of them upside down under a bush and still ahppy as a clam. Pings are a lot tougher than you give them credit for. If you are really worried about it, take a leaf cutting or two so you can duplicate it in case the main plant was damaged beyond recovery
Thanks for the replies...

I've taken some cuttings from some of the least damaged leaves...hopefully it will make it through.

As for my friend...I ended up giving him a ping of his own to worry and fret about. I think that is the best revenge
I just had a ping accident myself this morning.

On my way out to work this morning, I was trying to move my tray of pings out onto the deck a little more when my purse swung down and landed splat in the middle of the tray (and the bag weighs a ton). :-( Luckily the only damage was my x caudata but it was pulled completely out of the soil. At least it had a pretty good root system. I put it back in as best I could and it will get immediate attention when I get home. I will be very upset if I lose it.

I hope yours is ok, efbiosis. They are pretty hardy.

I'm grateful for all the hints...my plant appears to be coming back from the brink...I have three new leaves (although they lack the bright red pigment that I likes so much). Also, some of the leaves that fell off are starting to sprout! Lemonade from lemons
did you invite your "butter fingered friend" to the forums yet? (if you havent do! you may just get a new recruite&#33