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Neps pics

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Nope, the link didn't work, just, "this page cannot be dispayed"
is this the pic you were talking about, or another?
That is one of the pics....I posted several there. Thanks for bringing it up.

wow! the truncata looks great!
want me to post the rest of the pics here?
Sure....go ahead and post them. I will try and get a few more up in the next few days. Take care and Thanks.

picture belongs to Kim

N.truncata having a drink
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The N. truncata x ventricosa after having the drink:


wow, that truncata is huge!

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Great plants
! Your truncata pitchers are 7" taller than mine
. But, at its growth rate, It will have 18" pitchers within the next 4 leaves
. You'd better watch out
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Impressive... thanks for the post.
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Kim, did you grow those plants? Would you like a job
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Very nice! Is the first picture posted by Spect 73 a N. x Dyeriana?
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Good job Kim! I just got one of those N xRokko's. Tell me, is it a fast grower, and how would you compare it's humidity requirements, average, more or less?

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heck Kim a job offer from Rob, i wouid grab it in a heart beat. how lucky you are.
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Rob, et al,

Yes, I grew all those plants and would probably love to have a job over there Rob. You certainly grow stellar plants yourself Rob, and I envy your location to their native environment. Also, for information requested....N. x rokko is a very fast growing plant but make sure you have some room as it is a climber. I hope to post some more pics this week, and for the request, the first pic is N. veitchii x maxima xx rokko x veitchii. I have two forms of this plant, and both are nice. Thanks for the nice compliments.

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I am sorry I didn't fully answer your question on N. x rokko, but humidity requirements are much like N. maxima. Since I grow all my neps outside here in Hawaii, humidity can vary quite a bit. I also do not get the very high temps that lowlands might prefer. What that does to my lowland neps is make them grow a bit slower but still grow normal. I would probably say that conditions here at my location are more intermediate with lows in the summer around 70 and highs 85 fahrenheit. In the winter months like now, we can get down to the high fifties, and day temps are usually about 80 F. Normally we are quite wet on the east side of the big island. The ultra highlands seem to prefer a bit more elevation than I have, because I am at sea level. However, in just twenty minutes or so I can drive to 4000 plus feet where temps will go down to the forties, and highs around 74. Hope this is of some help.

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Thanks, Kim. That helps.

Very best