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a few months ago, i stuck my highland neps outside for a few weeks, and now the leaves are thicker, there is plenty of red coloration in the leaves, and the baby pitchers are a bit bigger.the humidity was pretty low, considering that i live in California. The plants were N. alata, ventricosa, maxima, spathulata, and a spathulata x spectabilis. I got them all pretty recently.
How cold did it get at night?

I live in San Luis Obispo County, about a mile from the beach, and I'm hoping I can keep mine out under a tree in spring and summer. Lately it's been getting down to 38, so I'm too scared to keep them out.

I had my N. ventricosa and khasiana outside here in Atlanta last year until February. They experienced quite a few nights where temps hit the 20s and are still growing strong.
I had a N. x ventrata outside and we had a surprise snow storm and it bit it big. I think it might have been below 20, but not sure. It was a matter of overnight. then again, I live in Nebraska and having snow on your leaves for 12 hours is like 24 hours of constant frost, lol.


usually around the low fifties and fortys with occasional dips into the thirties.
Thanks for that info. Just to get this straight, even after a week or so after high thirties temperatures you didn't get any browning or anything?

Also, are new pitchers forming?

there was a little browning on the spath, but not on any of the other ones.

Do you live near the coast of CA? How high is the humidity in your area? I would like to try some common neps(khasiana, alata, maxima) outdoors here in S.California, but I fear that the humidity(~30% in winter, ~50% in summer, high humidity at night) will cause the plants to stop producing pitchers.I live more inland, and the temperatures stay above 46F.
I live about half an hours' drive(or less) from coast. i get fog in the summer, but otherwise, the humidity is around 50%-40% or less.